Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Lipstick LobbyList 2.22.2011

A truly horrifying fax received by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.).  The level of hate, racism and misogyny in one document baffles the mind.  What caused the stir?  Her introduction of bill to eliminate U.S. military sponsorships at NASCAR.

The Gender Pay Gap by Industry (left)
(h/t BB)

More fun in Italy. Prime Minister Berlusconi's case has been assigned to a panel of three women judges. His lawyer's reaction?
"Noting that Mr. Berlusconi would be tried before a panel of three judges, all of them women, [Berlusconi's lawyer] said: 'Great. Women are always appreciated, sometimes even agreeable,' the center-left daily La Repubblica reported."

Who wins in book publishing?  The male or female author? Want to take a wild guess?

One of the few women CEO's in Boston, Ellen Zane of Tufts Medical Center, announced her retirement last week.  I loved this quote from one of her female colleagues: “Her heel print is very deep on the Massachusetts health care landscape,’’ said Lynn Nicholas, the state hospital association’s chief executive. (#backwardsinheels)

Fun list of the top ten things women invented.  Some things you'd expect (chocolate chip cookies, the dishwasher, Liquid Paper), but others are truly incredible - circular saw and windshield wipers!

Sarah Palin continues to lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign announcement:
"Gosh, nobody’s more qualified [for the] multitasking than a woman, a mom… who’s administered locally, state, with energy issues, so maybe a mayor, a governor maybe," she joked, adding that "vice presidential candidate" was also a good precursor.

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