Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lipstick LobbyList 1.19.11

A fantastic Weekend Edition on NPR this weekend on women in agriculture.  Women are the fastest growing group of US farmers, numbering more than 300,000.  The women interviewed brought back some of my heartland pride, discussing the strong historical presence of women on family farms, which is now turning into a real force in the industry.

State Treasurer Steve Grossman was sworn into office today, which means that his chief of staff Kathryn Burton starts her new job today, as well.  Welcome to the hallowed halls of the State House, where more click of heels and pant suits are always needed, especially in such high profile and influential positions!

I love it when a strong woman candidate is bold enough to be the first in a race: Democrat Susan Bysiewicz to Run for Joe Lieberman's Senate Seat

Bummed that I missed Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry on MLK day in Boston, urging us to heed Dr. King's words of wisdom to "choose community over chaos."

 An interesting NYT piece on gay parenting (and gay friendly churches) on the rise in Jacksonville, FL.

Hillary is proving that you can have a feminist foreign policy:
From the start Clinton left no one in any doubt where she stood: women's rights are "the signature issue" of this administration's foreign policy, she said. She mentioned women 450 times in speeches in the first five months in office. "Transformation of the role of women is the last great impediment to universal progress," she declared, and began to develop what is her standard line: women's issues are integral to the achievement of every goal of US foreign policy.

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erikasotolamb said...

it was a good news week! we needed it after the week before!