Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lipstick LobbyList 1.12.11

Rebecca Traister on Rep. Gabby Giffords:  " would be irresponsible to fail to note that a young, highly educated, ambitious Jewish woman like Gabrielle Giffords, despite her centrism, represents much that is revolutionary and hopeful about the changing face of American politics, as well as about the new and varied paths and possibilities available to women."  Keep fighting, Gabby!

Last week, Sen. Barbara Mikulski became the longest serving female senator.  Her video interview on CNN is fantastic, including a bit about how Senator Byrd had to check the Senate rules before allowing her to wear pants on the Senate floor.  In 1988.  She said when she walked on the floor of the Senate: "You would have thought I was walking on the moon."

In another sign of how slow things change in the Old Boy's Club, this week I joined my spouse for an evening event at the New York Stock Exchange, where one speaker proudly announced the opening of official women's restrooms at the Stock Exchange (see photo left)Yes, in 2011.  When we were at the event last year, we noticed that the women's restroom had been a poorly designed repurposing of old telephone booths. 

A tribute to some fabulous "trouble making" women of 2011.

My favorite edition of the NYT magazine is always the issue of "The Lives They Lived".  This year featured the "biting critic of cockocracy” Mary Daly.

And finally - an explanation about what happened to Broadsheet, my go to source for feminist political news commentary.  Come back, come back!

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