Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lipstick LobbyList 9.14.2010

A fantastic way to celebrate ninety years of women's suffrage: women legislators hitting the campaign trail for other women.  This is particularly timely given reports like these continue to persist: Number of Female Chiefs of Staff in Congressional Offices Remains Deficient.

Some things never change in Texas: a men only fundraiser for Gov. Perry. "Yes, because that's how Rick Perry thinks things work here in Texas. If you're a woman, you speak when spoken to, eat when your husband's done eating, and certainly don't have enough social standing to even be invited to a fundraiser."

The best Mad Men episode to date.  Peggy has always been my favorite character, and I'm so excited to see that they are developing her character so much this season.  She perfectly captures the complexities of an often hostile and unwelcoming workplace, yet she loves her work and wants to find a way to belong and contribute.  Love her, and can't wait for more.

I loved the replay of Dolly Parton's Fresh Air interview last week.  Her first top ten song in 1965 was titled "Dumb Blond," with the lyrics "Just because I'm blond/don't think I'm dumb. 'Cause this dumb blond/ain't nobody's fool."

This year's it campaign shoes.   Yes, a group of my friends emailed about a possible bulk order.

And a hat tip to Nebraska; better late than never: The Omaha World Herald to accept gay wedding announcements.

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erikasotolamb said...

I went into a Kate Spade on 5th avenue to check them out in person -- the saleswoman looked at me perplexed because it turns out that the Halle shoe is from a season many moons ago. Women in politics -- looking sharp but not always cutting edge. ;)