Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaga for Gaga

Yes, yes.  There are plenty of reasons why I shouldn't be so gaga for Gaga: she pushes the envelope to such extremes that everyone is offended by something she's done.


I love her brashness, how far she pushes gender bending and asexuality, and that she's not afraid to be overtly political.

This week, she got my attention again when she attended the Video Music Awards escorted by United States servicemen and women discharged under Don't Ask Don't Tell.

The video song above is from her performance last fall at the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner.  She followed President Obama, and frankly, put him to shame.  Towards the end, she changes the lyrics of Lennon's "Imagine":
It isn't equal if it's sometimes

I want a real democracy
Imagine all the people
Could love equally
The last time I paid serious attention to the VMAs, the big political statement to watch for was who was wearing the red AIDs ribbons.  Of course, Gaga's star could quickly fade, but at least she's using her fifteen minutes to draw attention to issues she cares about.  And yes, I love her music, too.

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