Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Born to Run

It's great to see some women with political ambition in the news this past week.

First up, Stephanie Schriock.  Politico has a great profile of EMILY's list head Stephanie Schriock, who is considering running for U.S. Senate in Montana to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Max Baucus.  I always love to see fellow Democratic women from the "flyover" states run for higher office. Stephanie is a perfect example. From the profile:
“I love Montana, it is my home and it owns my heart, and the honest to God truth is this has been something I’ve wanted to think about,” said Schriock, who isn’t married but has a longtime boyfriend and likes to spend her free time fishing, kayaking and hiking. “I am very proud of my home state and I do hope someday to work for the people of Montana.”
Sandra Fluke is keeping her name in the mix by co-authoring an Op-Ed in the LA Times Monday, "Women to L.A. City Hall: Remember us?".  Unbelievably, LA currently has no women elected to city government.  Sadly, this trend is very familiar as Boston currently only has one woman on the City Council out of 13 councilors.

Wendy Davis is wisely riding the wave of national attention (and the fundraising this brings) from her brave filibuster in Texas a few weeks ago with her own Op-Ed in the Washington Post.  She makes a reasoned and thoughtful case for access to good women's health services, and at the same time boasts some Texan pride:
"Texas really is the greatest state in the greatest nation. Texans — and women all over the country — deserve leaders that care, that listen and that work to protect their interests. The people’s filibuster demonstrated that Texans — and women everywhere — are ready and willing to fight back."
I adore Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and think she is doing absolutely amazing work in her relentless, yet smart approach to pushing her legislation for a military sexual assault process reform.  She has proven this week to have the skills to secure much needed bi-partisan support with Senators Paul and Cruz adding their names as co-sponsors.  Gillibrand is a woman to watch for the White House for sure!

And honorable mention to the women who considered a run for higher office, but chose not to run:
  • Montana state insurance commissioner Monica Lindeen for the U.S. Senate seat and
  • Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for Illinois Governor.
I'm keeping my eyes on these ladies, as I hope to see more from them both in the future!

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