Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lipstick LobbyList 11.6.2012

President Obama responds to a 10-year-old who wrote the President about her two dads.  If you were looking for a reason to vote for the President today, I hope you look no further:
In America, no two families look the same. We celebrate this diversity. And we recognize that wherther you have two dads or one mom what matters above all is the love we show one another. You are very fortunate to have two parents who care deeply for you. They are lucky to have such an exceptional daughter in you.
Very cool:  Zipcar is offering 1/2 price car rentals on Election Day . And  Uber is providing free car service to take people to the polls. Just another little nudge of support to be sure to vote or help knock on some last minute doors!

Kristof makes the case on why women's issues in this election should equally concern men:
When it comes to women’s health, men as well as women need to pay attention. Just as civil rights wasn’t just a “black issue,” women’s rights and reproductive health shouldn’t be reduced to a “women’s issue.”
A sad election note: RIP Sen. Claire McCaskill's mother, Betty Anne McCaskil, who's memorial was held Sunday. Yet again, reading the obituary of Betty Anne reminds me that so many of the amazing women leaders I admire have a she-ro behind them.
Long before her daughter entered Missouri politics, Betty Anne McCaskill had made her own mark in Democratic circles. McCaskill has recalled how her mother sent her children out on Halloween in 1960 with the door-to-door message: “Trick or treat and vote for JFK,” referring to the Democratic presidential candidate, John F. Kennedy.

In 1970, she was appointed to the Missouri Commission on the Status of Women, which evaluated the opportunities for women in Missouri government, education and business. The next year, she became the first women elected to the Columbia, Mo., City Council.
Glamour Magazine features 16 woman who are first time candidates this election.  I love seeing so many strong, smart women enter the pipeline of politics.

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