Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lipstick LobbyList 7.7.10

Catching up from the past few weeks....

Ben Smith from Politico on the trend of columnists calling Obama the "first female president".
Linda Hirshman on the Boxer v. Fiorina California Senate race:
"But there is a deeper, more fundamental difference between Fiorina and Palin for that matter and Boxer, a difference that brilliantly illuminates the current debate about whether any woman in office is a plus for feminism. It's the difference between the candidate's autobiography and what's good for the people she would like to represent."

John Stephen, Republican candidate for governor in NH, had to scrap his plans for a bikini contest fundraiser. Sounds like a wise move, John. (h/t JM)

She's even wooed over the Herald! One of my favorite Boston pols: Sheriff Andrea Cabral.
"Their sheriff is no hack. And the department she oversees is quietly but steadily assuming a transformational role - not just to jail people until they are spun back out to the streets, but to give them the tools to keep them from returning. She's produced a 44 percent reduction in the recidivism rate among Suffolk inmates."

“Lady lawmakers play ball” Congressional women's softball team. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was one of the team's captains.

Just sayin': Clinton finally ahead of Obama in popularity

Google is taking some impressive leadership on employee benefits offerings - paying for the tax penalties same-sex couples pay for their benefits coverage.

But Google needs to step up their feminist game when it comes to their doodles.  They honored the birthday of Frida Kahlo this week (yay!), but have a terrible track record of women honored doodles.  AND - they have yet to feature a Cinco de Mayo doodle.  Come on, Google!


erikasotolamb said...

LL, thank you for making note of Google's sorry record of doodling women and in honor of an important Mex-Am celebration (on the same level of importance as St. Patrick's Day -- which they do every year)!

But I also give them props for the employee benefits to same-sex couples!! That is rad.

erikasotolamb said...

Clinton and Lady Gaga overthrow Obama in popularity!