Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Marriage!

Six years ago today, equal marriage came to Massachusetts.  As the Boston Globe reported then:
Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to permit gays and lesbians to wed just after midnight today, when Cambridge City Hall welcomed more than 250 same-sex couples who hugged, cried, cheered, and applied for the marriage licenses many thought they would never see in their lifetimes.

Outside City Hall, 10,000 supporters and onlookers gathered to witness the historic event, spilling off the grounds of City Hall, and clogging Massachusetts Avenue. Police in riot gear lined the street, but the anticipated clash between protesters and supporters of gay marriage never came: All but a handful of opponents stayed away.
There remains 36 states that ban the recognition of same-sex marriages or partnerships.  But, I'm hoping this is a sign of the turning times:

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