Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great but...

Lipstick Lobbyist's letter in response to the piece: "Healthcare rights expand for gays New rules will let patients define family."

While this is indeed welcome news, I've been disappointed at the liberal embrace of such a short sighted offering from Obama to the LGBT community.

I see this simply as another "Stupak" compromise, throwing a bone to LGBT families for failing to include critical coverage and tax exemptions in the final Health Reform bill (see the New York Times Bucks blog: "Gays May Still Pay More for Health Coverage").

Additionally, a "rule" issued by the current president is not a permanent fix, and can be undone with the stroke of the next president's pen, as President Obama as demonstrated with lifting the Global Gag rule and easing the restrictions on stem cell research. In such a politically divisive time, I'm looking for something to hang my future on, not "hope for the best" when the next president takes office.

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