Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Britney = Sarah Palin. Madonna = Hillary.

The Herald never fails to disappoint. Today's review of the Britney Spear's concert in Boston last night opens with these sentences:

"Britney is not Madonna. She just ain’t.

Madonna is Hillary Clinton. She’s whip smart and survives, even thrives by adapting. And Lord knows she wants it more than anyone.

Britney is Sarah Palin. Baby drama headlines. Podunk back story and a massive industry machine behind her. She’s a manufactured star aimed at the lowest common denominator."

So I'm probably supposed to have my feminist politichick feathers in a ruffle over these quotes. Yes, Hillary and Palin are more substantive, more educated, more role model-like for the next generation of young girls. And yes, this is another cheap and tired use of the "cat fight" journalism tool for writing about women.

But damn. I love Madonna. And I love Hillary. And hell, if politics is being used to interpret pop culture, rather than the other way around, I'll take it.

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erikasotolamb said...

yes, but it isn't a "cat fight" if madonna and britbrit made out (which was featured in the video at the concert, btw)