Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let them eat crust

Catching up from the last week:

“Breadwinners? Or should I say crustwinners.” Ellen Goodman: The curse of an equal workforce

Thank you, Senators: The Senate Discovers Women

“A new study released Wednesday, shows that as the economy began to slow, so did the advancement of women.” The super glue on the corporate ladder in the recession: Fewer women winning jobs in executive suites

The K Street pull. Apparently, Obama’s “strict” anti-lobbyist sentiment isn’t shared by some of his closet aides. Daschle, Obama aides join K Street
To be sure, it’s a turn of the revolving door that’s slower and quieter than the movement from K Street to the new administration, where lobbyists are required to obtain waivers and sign ethics pledges before taking their jobs.

But it serves to highlight new loopholes in the president’s rules to limit the influence of lobbyists. It also reveals apparent disconnects between the soaring rhetoric during the campaign and the pragmatic and lucrative career choices by some insiders — on K Street and beyond — now that it’s over.
A great profile of a Nebraska women attorney, Penny Berger. SuperWomen JDs and What You Can Learn From Them: Featuring Penny Berger of Lincoln, Nebraska

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