Friday, January 23, 2009

Senator Gillibrand

Was it another nannygate? Her uncle Ted? Other unknown "personal reasons"? Or simply saving face from not getting picked by Gov. Patterson that made Caroline stop her bid for Hillary’s seat?

We may never know. Here’s a round up of some of the coverage so far today:

Does a Glass Ceiling Persist in Politics? Kennedy's Withdrawal Illustrates a Double Standard, Some Say

Coming Up Short as a Role Model for the Mommy Track

Finally, a real peek at our Valley Girl, Caroline Kennedy

And props to Gov. Patterson who remained committed to his preference of choosing a qualified woman to fill the seat. Representative Kirsten Gillibrand sounds like a dynamic choice, if this excerpt from today's Playbook is any indication:
'She ran against a popular/formidable incumbent in a heavy GOP district very few gave her a chance to win (much of the district was wary of her at the outset b/c she had lived in NYC for a while).... raised a ton of $, was tough as nails, and persevered. Then, managed to win a landslide reelection in the district against the former state party chairman who was independently wealthy. She is very savvy. There is concern among some N.Y. Dems that she is too conservative (already talk of a 2010 primary). But there is no way she would have held onto her district if she voted down-the-line Dem on everything.'
Looking forward to watching her rise to this appointment!

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