Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Hail the Wife

A few weeks ago, Cherie Blair wrote a much talked about advice column to the first-lady-in-waiting Michelle Obama. I have to admit, I’ve been a bit frustrated with how willing Michelle has been to give up her career to focus on being a full time “Mom-in-Chief”. It seems like an unnecessary concession in the modern age. Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair paved impressive and difficult paths as career-oriented and highly educated women, committed to their families and their careers. Also, does it strike any one else as contradictory that one of Michelle’s top areas of focus as First Lady will be championing issues of working women and work/life balance?

At the same time, Ms. Blair’s column did shed some light on the complexities of the role of First Lady. So perhaps, Michelle is simply getting comfortable in the backseat for the next 4-8 years, knowing that she will be able to on-ramp post the Mister’s presidency.

A summary of some of the other recent commentary on this topic is in the NY Times yesterday.

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